Georgina Cook is an artist, photographer and producer. 

Born in South London, Georgina Cook is known for her photograph's of every-day life and underground music culture and for her events and blogging, of which she was an early-adopter.

While these elements remain central to her work, she has expanded her activity since then to include talks, workshops, curation, installations, publications and experimental approaches to image-making.

Her work engages with themes of community, home, environment, sociability, multiculturalism and youth-culture. She has recently launched Gingko Photography - a documentary photography business for individuals, families and organisations in East Sussex.

The front page of Cook's "highly clickable" website has been specially designed as a personal response to idea of "the internet as art" and is an evolving story of her relationship with art, photography and media from childhood until the present day. 

Selected Clients & Collaborators:

FACT / Vice / RBMA / The Guardian & Observer / BBC / The Times / The Village Voice / Art Forum / Qvest / Dazed & Confused / Converse / XLR8R / Time Out / Shoes Up / Tsugi / R.A / Knowledge / Groove / Taz / Trap / Hyperdub / Burial / Souljazz  / Tempa / DMZ / MoS / The Society for Curious Thought / UCL Urban Laboratory / Caught By The River /  Ashes57 / LAVA