A video from Who Wants A Rewind? at Tate

Here's a moment from the Who Want's A Rewind? installation at Tate Modern last week (Jan 26th). A moment when I looked up to see lots of people dancing in a dark room to amazing music playing on a solid PA.

With Who Want's A Rewind? I tried to represent the craft & artistry of Dubstep circa 2005 - the DJ’s, MC’s & the sound. The title of the installation is comes from a common rave call out, borrowed from MC Crazy D, who features alongside DJ Youngsta in one of the recording's that soundtracked the installation. The other recording is of Loefah back to back with Mala and Sgt.Pokes on the mic. Both are from the seminal Dubstep and Grime night FWD>>.

Stance Podcast who curated the amazing Tate Late that I was part of, provided a brilliant sound-system which really made the music come alive. Lots of people say they'd missed out on the early days of Dubstep and that the installation gave them a good sense of what it was like. I know there were people in the room who'd never experienced music in that way before. Also, some of the original crew came along and seemed to have a good time! 

I was asked what I'd hoped people would “Who Want's A Rewind?” My main aim was to show people what such a golden age in London's musical history looked and sounded like. I hope I did it justice. 

It was also in many respects an homage to music venues - they're so vital to allowing expression and innovation to flourish. It's almost impossible to talk about Dubstep for example, without mentioning Plastic People, for example which closed a few years back.

See: Plastic People An Oral History on Fact, featuring some of my photos.

Also, I hoped that the installation would inspire people to create new music and new movement's. It's almost impossible to do that without listening to music that already exists or gaining an idea of the culture around it. Just as Dubstep comes from a sonic family tree which includes Garage, Jungle and Grime and is massively inspired by sound-system culture, so future genres will be connected to genres and movements that have come before them. No music is an island it seems.

I'd love to bring "Who Want's A Rewind?" to other venues or festivals this year. Please let me know if you or your venue can host it.

Peek the trailer here. 





Sgt Pokes & Benny Ill. Pic by Sophie Georgiana

Sgt Pokes & Benny Ill. Pic by Sophie Georgiana