Sussex Wunt Be Druv - New WIP project online.

I’ve started piecing together a new project exploring Hastings and St Leonard’s in the year of Brexit which can be found on this site under “Personal Projects,”.

It’s a project about change - perceived or otherwise.

My aim is to document how Hastings and St Leonard’s is NOW and after Brexit. Will it change and if so will I notice it, being that I’m still relatively new to area.

It and will also address questions and emotions I have related to the effect that DFL’s like myself (that’s “Down from Londoners,”) have on the place. I know that for a lot of original Hastings people, there is a very real fear that the town will change into a place that they won’t recognise.

Weirdly, I also feel this fear and I think that’s partly because my own home (London) has changed beyond my own recognition and I’m scared of it happening here. There’s definitely more than a hint of irony in there.

I first came across the unofficial motto Sussex Wunt Be Druv at the Hastings Bonfire celebrations. Its been used in multiple poems such as this one by W Victor Cook (good name ;) ) and represents the steadfastness and solid nature of the Sussex people.

Sussex Won’t be Druv
Some folks as come to Sussex,
They reckons as they know -
A durn sight better what to do
Than simple folks, like me and you,
Could possibly suppose.

But them as comes to Sussex,
They mustn't push and shove,
For Sussex will be Sussex,
And Sussex won't be druv!

Mus Wilfred come to Sussex,
Us heaved a stone at he,
Because he reckoned he could teach
Our Sussex fishers how to reach
The fishes in the sea.

But when he dwelt among us,
Us gave un land and luv,
For Sussex will be Sussex,
And Sussex won't be druv!

All folks as come to Sussex
Must follow Sussex ways -
And when they've larned to know us well,
There's no place else they'll wish to dwell
In all their blessed days -

There ant no place like Sussex,
Until ye goos above,
For Sussex will be Sussex,
And Sussex won't be druv.
W Victor Cook 1914

I’m still not entirely sure where this project will take me visually and otherwise- but not sure if any artist ever really does know what the outcome of any project will be. But it will certainly be a good excuse to wander around my town with a camera finding images that address some of my questions and this weird political time that the UK as a whole finds itself in.

As it’s Work In Progress, this site will be regularly updated with new images & thoughts which will also be found on my Instagram with the #sussexwuntbedruv

Georgie, Jan 21st 2019