"A Fortnight of Tears"

Here are a few phone photos from a recent trip to London, where I went for a quick birthday jaunt. It’s always good to know that no matter whatever else is happening (e.g political chaos), my home city is *always* alive & kicking with Art & culture.

Whether a secret & sweaty new jazz night (where phones & camera’s on the dance floor are frowned upon) or the High Art of The White Cube; London’s art often remind me that there is so much power in expression; not least the work of the YBA’s such as Tracey Emin, which I’ve sort of grown up with.

Tracey Emin was at her A Fortnight of Tears Show when I popped in, so I made a point of telling her how great her work is because I believe it’s important to show artists appreciation at whatever stage they’re at. It was the second time I’ve bumped into her, the first time being in East London in the same week that I was reading her memoirs Strangeland. My respect and admiration for her comes from her honesty. In my mind, her work encourages other women to express themselves & their womanhood with courage and boldness. It’s something to be thankful for.