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Inspiration is a two-way thing. Thank you Selfridges!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Selfridges and DARSI specifically, for inviting me to their skate bowl to talk about my experiences photographing music!

I’ve been speaking quite a bit over the past two years about photography, grime, youth culture, the early dubstep scene and contemporary music history and always really enjoy sharing my experiences with and passion for those subjects. It’s even better when I get the chance to have conversations with the audience because then it’s a two way thing!

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From the Archive

I lived in Paris for a few years, where I was fortunate to get to know some of the city's up and coming producers, DJ's and artist's. Once such person was Manaré - who as well as being highly creative, is a very nice person and a great person to photograph. It's rare gem meeting somebody so natural in front of the camera and I absolutely love this shoot which we did in the summer of 2011 in a small park near central Paris. In some of the shots, Manaré is modelling a t-shirt from his own label Noir Noir, which produces stunning pieces inspired by Art and Nature. It was an absolute pleasure to come across these photo's today, so I had to share them. I posted a few to give you an indication of the process involved in shooting people.

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