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"A Fortnight of Tears"

Whether a secret & sweaty new jazz night (where phones & camera’s on the dance floor are frowned upon) or the High Art of The White Cube; London’s art often remind me that there is so much power in expression; not least the work of the YBA’s such as Tracey Emin, which I’ve sort of grown up with.

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Inspiration is a two-way thing. Thank you Selfridges!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Selfridges and DARSI specifically, for inviting me to their skate bowl to talk about my experiences photographing music!

I’ve been speaking quite a bit over the past two years about photography, grime, youth culture, the early dubstep scene and contemporary music history and always really enjoy sharing my experiences with and passion for those subjects. It’s even better when I get the chance to have conversations with the audience because then it’s a two way thing!

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Chatting about LDN music on Clare Considine's new radio show

Last week I was invited by writer and now broadcast journalist Clare Considine to talk about my relationship to London music for her new show on Radio Primavera Sound “London Scenery.”

The show is on air at tonight (16th Jan) at 9pm UK time and 10pm Spanish time.


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Friday 30th Nov: Electric Histories: V&A talk

I am delighted to have been invited by Youth Club Archive to London’s V&A museum this Friday, to talk about my experience photographing the early Dubstep scene alongside a projection of my images. The talk is part of a brilliant evening programme that celebrates electronic music in youth and subculture.

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