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Photos of Hastings Jack In The Green 2019

Here, Jack In The Green, Hastings annual celebration of the coming of summer, sits next to the crowning of the May Queen as apparently the two are related. It’s a busy time of year for the Morris Dancers of Hastings, as well as the various community groups and societies in the area. It’s all nature and community and community and nature, generally framed and buffered with a whole lot of music, dancing and merriment - making it feel all that more normal and familiar for a girl that grew up with the dancing, merriment, music and community of events like Notting Hill Carnival.

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"A Fortnight of Tears"

Whether a secret & sweaty new jazz night (where phones & camera’s on the dance floor are frowned upon) or the High Art of The White Cube; London’s art often remind me that there is so much power in expression; not least the work of the YBA’s such as Tracey Emin, which I’ve sort of grown up with.

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