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Hastings Weather

I have been loving the weather in Hastings this week. So incredibly changeable which means I’m not always prepared for the sudden downpours. I got stuck in one today which meant waiting under one of the solid but weather worn white bus-shelters on the promenade until it stopped. Except it didn’t. So I got my camera out and made the most of the seasonal drama. Those are the photos in the bottom row (except the middle one which is view from the office this evening).

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Showing Early Dubstep Photography at Boiler Room Festival

I will be showing some music photography from my Drumz Of The South archive as part of Boiler Room Festival 2019: Day 3 - Bass THIS FRIDAY EVENING (11th October).

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Hastings Portraits (new)

It's quite a thing stopping people in the street or anywhere else in public and asking them for a portrait. I'm really only just learning to do it. It's completely different to asking people at events if they would like their portrait taken - generally people are used to seeing photographers at events and much of the time, welcome it. I decided to bite the bullet and start taking portraits of people in Hastings & St Leonard's, where I have lived since last year.

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