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“Youth of Today” - The Teds

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I LOVE anything to do with sub cultures and youth culture and contemporary music history. Which is why when footage like this comes my way - about Teddy Boys, I get very excited.

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A Saturday afternoon with Ocean All Over

Ocean All Over is a live art / theatre company performing in public spaces around Scotland and beyond. It is the vision and masterpiece of creative director Alex Rigg who is prolific in the creation of poetry, music, costume and movement that form his shows.

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Photos from Boiler Room Festival's Bass Day

A few photos from Boiler Room Festival's Bass Day at The Bussey Building in Peckham last Friday. I was very happy to be showing a version of my “Who Wants A Rewind?” installation as part of a great line-up of music, art and poetry. This time the images were shown on a wall of tiled TV screens.

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Showing Early Dubstep Photography at Boiler Room Festival

I will be showing some music photography from my Drumz Of The South archive as part of Boiler Room Festival 2019: Day 3 - Bass THIS FRIDAY EVENING (11th October).

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Hastings is good to me. 2 years in and I have an exhibition launching with Vanessa Farinha this Sunday at Cake Room Hastings as part of the indomitable Coastal Currents festival!

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"A Fortnight of Tears"

Whether a secret & sweaty new jazz night (where phones & camera’s on the dance floor are frowned upon) or the High Art of The White Cube; London’s art often remind me that there is so much power in expression; not least the work of the YBA’s such as Tracey Emin, which I’ve sort of grown up with.

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Chatting about LDN music on Clare Considine's new radio show

Last week I was invited by writer and now broadcast journalist Clare Considine to talk about my relationship to London music for her new show on Radio Primavera Sound “London Scenery.”

The show is on air at tonight (16th Jan) at 9pm UK time and 10pm Spanish time.


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From the Archive

I lived in Paris for a few years, where I was fortunate to get to know some of the city's up and coming producers, DJ's and artist's. Once such person was Manaré - who as well as being highly creative, is a very nice person and a great person to photograph. It's rare gem meeting somebody so natural in front of the camera and I absolutely love this shoot which we did in the summer of 2011 in a small park near central Paris. In some of the shots, Manaré is modelling a t-shirt from his own label Noir Noir, which produces stunning pieces inspired by Art and Nature. It was an absolute pleasure to come across these photo's today, so I had to share them. I posted a few to give you an indication of the process involved in shooting people.

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New Photos - Full Flow at Corsica Studios

Some photos from Full Flow event at Corsica Studios last month. Portraits of ERSATZ, East Man and A.G plus a few of the vibes from the club. I tried to capture some of the essence of what makes a club a club. I also captured some portraits of some of the LCC students in attendance at the event - they'll be posted at another time :).

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