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Currently Feelin* (Podcast Love #1): A Small Voice

Today I listened to the latest episode of Ben Smith’s A Small Voice Podcast which I would say is undoubtedly the best photography podcast out there. Why? Because in talking to so many different photographers, so much about the medium is revealed - why & how photographers pick up a camera in the first place & how their own experiences & perspectives are inherently tied to the images that they make, for example. 

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Barbican dream.

I went to the Barbican Centre when I was a child, I’m sure of it, despite any evidence. I dreamt about it ever since - a dark staircase, labyrinthian balconies, golden faces, weird light.

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A Grime Photography Research List

Throughout January, I had the huge pleasure of supporting the Graphic Media Design BA course at London College of Communication. The unit that I'm involved with is inspired by Jeffrey Boakye's Quietus article The Poet Laureate is up for Renewal: Could Grime Be The Answer and his subsequent book Hold Tight, a fantastically written exploration of Grime via 50+ key songs. The project is also taking in Paul Gilroy's essay attached to Eastman's latest release Red, White & Zero.

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