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Wedding Photography Cool Couples, taken by a Cool Photographer!

London & South East (Sussex & Kent) & UK wide.

I've had the pleasure of photographing a number of weddings over the years. One thing they've all had in common is how cool the couples have been. They take their marriage and wedding plans seriously while remaining entirely grounded and light-hearted about it all. They shine. 

I reflect this by providing wedding photography that is natural, unassuming and utilises my experience as a documentary and reportage photographer. I love people and community and treat your wedding day as a chance to document your people, your community and the thing that brings them all together: your love.

So when you hire me to photograph your wedding, you receive a coherent story of your special day from start to finish, complete with the full cast of characters and all of their emotions, sensitively captured with no disruption to the event itself.

Communication is the key to a strong relationship:

That stands for the relationship that a subject has with it's photographer, particularly one that you are trusting to capture what is likely to be the best day of your life.

From the time that you make your first enquiry, we will communicate via phone, Skype or in person, to find out more about you and your special day and make sure that we're all on the same page.

If I feel that the style of photography that you are looking for is different to mine (it's never happened yet!), I will say so and not attempt to sell you something that I don't otherwise do. 

Through speaking to you both, I will make sure that I have a strong understanding of your wedding day, the location, the style and the vibe, how many guests will be there, if it's plugged or unplugged and everything else.

Together we will determine which parts of the day you most want to capture (or if you want it all) and if there's anything or any one, other than yourselves that you would like me to pay particular attention to. Where necessary, I will bring in a trusted second photographer / assistant to ensure that everything is covered.

Couple Goals:

The best #couplegoals pictures, are unposed and natural and radiate the love and energy generated by couples in love.

As well as capturing the "I do's," & the first dance, I offer the opportunity to wander off to a pre-determined location together for 30-60mins, so you can be together on your own, probably for the first time that day. I will subtly document this time together, capturing your newly married joy. Like the greatest mini-date ever (captured on camera)!


I will always try to visit a venue beforehand to find out what the light and the windows are like, how high the ceiling is and all the other factors that will help me to determine the lenses and other equipment that I will need on the day. 

Feel the love in the room:

An instinctive and skilful photographer, my chosen method of capturing the love in a room is by observing and working quietly on the edges while ensuring that I know what's happening next so that the most beautiful moments are recorded.

That said, I am friendly and enjoy meeting people so will undoubtedly get chatting to some of your guests at different points in this day.

Often this means that guests become even more comfortable with a photographer around, which helps with capturing nice, emotion-full images of them. It also means that you're camera-mad Uncle can talk to me about kit (I currently use both Nikon & Canon DSLR's and am hoping to own a Sony Mirrorless system very soon as a nice light second camera).

"You scrub up well":

I always make sure that every guest is captured in at least one photo, in a natural and candid way. This ensures that you will have a visual memory of each guest, looking their best for you, forever.


Always work with Children & Animals:

It's a little known fact that I worked as a Nanny for a while. So rest assured that I'm great with kids & will enjoy taking photos of any little guests that you have running around. If there are animals at your wedding, then you've pretty much given me my dream photography job (TIA)!

Squad Goals:

I know that you will almost definitely want photos of yourselves with certain guests.

I will work with you to determine a list of 10 key group shots, taken in a fun, natural and efficient way so that you can all get on with having fun.



You Only Marry Once. (Hopefully). Your images will be given to you as high-resolution digital files on a USB stick. I advise every couple to make archival quality prints of all of the images as like film, digital photographs have a long but limited life-span.

I recommend 2 really excellent, fast, affordable and high quality print labs that you send files to, or if you prefer, I can make prints for you.

Next Step?:

Contact me directly: 07878918007 or email hello@georginacook.net or fill out the form below & I'll be in touch ASAP!

I look forward to hearing about you, your other half and your special day.

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