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DRUMZ OF THE SOUTH. est 2004. 

Selected Images & Tear Sheets (below).

Drumz Of The South is the name attributed to Georgina Cook’s blog established in 2004 as a means to sharing her photos of South London and it’s culture. This took on a new meaning as the familiar sounds of Drum n Bass and Garage made way for Grime and Dubstep, the latter of which was being created by many of her contemporaries in Croydon and Norwood. Cook had the honour of being one of the first photographer's to capture and document the burgeoning scene - which merged the traditional dub-culture of dub-plates, sound-systems and toasting with the new software and technology of the early-mid 00’s.  

Many of these now iconic images were taken whilst journeying to and from clubs late at night and early morning. Images of the leafy suburbs at night and road signs are a common feature of Drumz Of The South, which is as much about her life and surroundings as it is the music and artist's that she was documenting.