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NOU(S) NOU(S) DIARIES 2010-2012

A play on the French word for Nanny (Nou-nou) and the French word for "Us," Nou(s) Nou(s) Diaries documents moments shared with an international group of Nanny's in Paris, France. 

For 2 and a half years I had the fortune of working as a Nanny in a fairly wealthy suburb of Paris. Closely documenting my experiences, I paid particular attention to a friendship group consisting of other Nanny’s and Au Pairs from around the world. This series assembles moments that highlight our closeness, brought about in part by the excitement, adventure and challenges of being in a new land. It also shows the similarities between us and the children we cared for -  eating, sleeping, learning and playing together, trying to make sense of this world, asserting ourselves and dreaming about the future.